Lyf F1 Smartphone Review: The 4G Jio Phone


Well, 2016 has seen a stream of smartphones throughout the year. Especially after the launch of Jio sim, the smartphone market is open to innumerable 4G and LTE devices for the people. And some of the smartphones are connected with Reliance. And this offers users with free access to the LTE data facility and also Jio’s streaming services. One of such devices is the Lyf F1. It launched recently in the mainstream smartphone market. The Lyf F1 is giving intense competition to Lenovo K5 note and Moto G4. In this article, we will focus on each and every aspect of this smartphone. Let’s have a look at the full specs and find out how the phone performs.

Design and build quality

The first thing that we check out on a mobile device is the build quality and design. The Lyf F1 is built up on a plastic frame. It is why it is very light in weight. Even if it is plastic, the overall finish is beautiful. When the body is pressed, there is no creaking. But they could have offered a sturdier material at that price. The back texture is a bit dimpled, and it offers uniqueness in the standard look of the smartphone. The Lyf F1 is slim in the grip. It is only 7.9 mm.

Display and screen size

There is a 5.5 inch full HD display offering excellent brightness and sharp texts. The pixel count is quite dense. Speaking of the color reproduction, it is moderate. But it comes with a Corning Gorilla glass for the reinforcement. The power and volume buttons are present on the right. It has got a pretty decent response. For the SIM cards, you have two slots on the left and a dedicated microSD slot. The headphone socket is placed on top. You will have a Micro-USB port at the bottom.

At the back, you will have the camera module on top. The speaker is at the bottom. No fingerprint sensor is there, and this might be a disappointment for a lot of people. In the box, you will have an in-ear headset, a power adapter, a long flat USB cable and a SIM ejector tool. The ergonomic design of Lyf F1 makes it easy to carry around. The back offers a solid grip when you are holding it and the narrow borders on either side of the display, will provide you easy one hand grip. There is no camera bump at the back.


These are one of the most important aspects of any smartphone. We bet you are looking forward to the specifications. The Lyf F1 has good specifications. It comes with an Octa-core Snapdragon 617 SoC processor. The phone has 3GB RAM and 32 GB of internal memory, which is pretty decent at a price. The additional specifications include Wi-Fi b/g/n, a Bluetooth 4.1, a USB, an OTG, the GPS tracking system, 4G VoLTE and an FM radio (which is pretty normal). Apart from the usual sensors (like proximity sensors, etc.) it also has the gyroscope. You will have the latest Android Marshmallows 6.0.1 which offers a nice feel to it.


You will get the Reliance bundled Jio apps that include the Jio Money and Jio Play. The apps will need you to create an account if you are using a Jio SIM already then you can skip the step. The Lyf care will help you in finding the nearby service centers through the helpline feature, and you can manage Jio’s services. There is a smart tray app. It offers you with a pop-up tray which has shortcuts for 15 apps max when you swipe diagonally from the bottom corners. With the smart ring, you can change the volume levels of any incoming call with different gestures like flip to mute, depending on the ambient sound. But the success of this feature had a 50-50 chance. With the video player, you can stack up videos side by side and then play them simultaneously.

With the “smart play” feature you can pause the videos if you are not looking at the screen. It uses the front camera for tracking your head movement more than the eyes. And this is why it pauses the video even if your head is tilted another side. There are pre-installed apps like BeautyPLus Me, Amazon, and Yatra.

Network support

The Lyf F1 supports the RCS (Rich Communication Service) over the Jio network. It is an unofficial GSM Association program. It allows the enhanced messaging, a voice and video call features like the ability to share multimedia content, the contracts during a call. At present, Jio is the only networks which have deployed this in India. But very soon, these features will work throughout different operators because of Google’s initiatives.

Lyf F1 performance

The overall performance is good. No significant lag or hiccups are there. The core specifications and Marshmallows UI, help in absolutely smooth multitasking. There are no heating issues with the phone. But the backside of the phone gets a bit warm while using the camera for a long time. And if you are doing some high graphics work, or playing games, it gets heated up a bit too. But there is no doubt that the high-end games like Asphalt 2 run smooth, without any trouble.

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Video and sound quality

The Lyf F1 has got a pretty decent media playback feature too. It can handle up to 1080p smoothly, and the high bitrate works just fine. The speaker is loud enough if it is placed on a flat surface. But otherwise, the speaker sound is a bit weak. It gets muffled quickly if the phone is on an uneven surface. The audio quality with a headset
is average.

Camera and battery

Speaking of the camera, you will get a 16Mp primary camera. It is kind of cool in the price. The primary camera comes with a rear PDAF sensor. The front camera is 8MP with autofocus support. In the daylight, the pictures are quite detailed with vibrant colors. But the distant objects will look mushy and flat. The autofocus speeds are fast when you change from one subject to another. The front camera is good too. The low light shots come with color noise, especially in dark areas. With the flash, it will not go away. The front camera does a pretty good job in this. The focus speeds also dip pretty badly in a bad lightening. It makes hard to snap a selfie. The camera app is designed for ease of use.

There is no professional mode, but you will have options for adjusting the ISO, the white balance, and exposure. There are some advanced shooting options like the Refocus, the Chrome Flash, Multiple focuses, Opti Zoom and the Low light photo. Apart from the chrome flash, you will not be able to tell any differences between images. The photo shot with Re-focus helps you in selecting the different focus points, but there is nothing that happens.

The battery is 3200 mah, and it can run for almost 11 hours if you keep playing an HD video continuously. It is excellent. With regular use, you can run it for a complete day. The phone charges fast with bundled adapter. You can get 45% charge in an hour.

Video recording

The max video recording capacity is 1080p, and the quality is good if you are capturing in daylight. The stabilization feature helps you. There is a high frame rate it allows you in selecting between 90fps and 120 fps. But it only works if you degrade the resolution to 480p. The 120fps mode is stimulated, and it does not function well.

Final verdict

The Lyf F1 is a pretty decent smartphone. It comes at a price of Rs 13399. You can buy it online or at Reliance digital stores with some exciting offers. If you sign up for the Lyf care app, you can have an extended warranty of one more year. Well, if you want to get a smartphone for regular usage, this one does excellent in almost all the areas. Apart from the figure print sensor and a few camera issues. You will get good performance and good battery life along with latest Jio features. So this one will be a reasonable buy.