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Astro file manager APK:  It often happens that we save a file and then we forget its location. Once the file is lost we keep searching for that file in different file folders. If we are lucky enough to remember the folder in which we saved the file. But with Astro file manager apk for Android, this problem is going to vanish because it gives its users a comprehensive search option and that too with one click. With Astro file manager you can search your file, images, text etc in all folders by just typing the name of the file or you can also search in a specific location also.

Download Astro File Manager Apk download for free:

Astro report supervisor is one of the maximum downloaded record explorers for Android. This app is downloaded by 50 Million users around the arena thus far and it’s miles going on.

The app has secured a median4.3 rating from its customers that’s quite precise for this sort of large user base. wondering why this app is so popular? allow us to take a look at the functions of this fantastic app one after the other.


Features of Astro File Manager:

1- Free to download and use

First things first and I will start with the cost of this app. Well, amazingly Astro file manager is free to download. This app earns for its developers through ads. So enjoy all these wonderful features free of any cost

 2- Convert Installed Apps to APK

That is an exciting function of Astro document manager that permit you to convert hooked up apps and games back to APK. It robotically detects and lists all of the setup apps and allows you to transform any of them to APK file. you could keep it as the backup so that whenever you layout or reset your phone, you would be able to install the apps immediately from the APK report. you can additionally percentage the apps installed on your smartphone along with your friends through changing them to APK with the assist of ASTRO record supervisor.

3- File Management and Backup

Basically, Astro file manage is an app that organizes the files in an efficient manner that helps the users to retrieve those files later on without any trouble. Well, I have seen over the time many apps are developed for a sole purpose and then later on developers forget the core activity of the app and shift their focus on supplementary features but this is not the case with Astro file manager pro for android. With its index search functionality now you can search offline also from previous searches. It provides broad as well as specific search options to its users. With enhanced search ability this app gives you a fast search experience.

4- Cloud Storage and Cloud Hopping

The app supports cloud based storages like Google Drive, Dropbox etc. This is not all this app also has a unique feature they call “Cloud Hopping”. Cloud Hopping by Astro file manager allows the users to share and transfer files from one cloud-based storage to another same type of storage.

5- Dedicated Team

well, this is not a feature of the app itself exactly however actually it’s a feature in my eye. often once an app is evolved it’s miles left by its builders as a cash cow and that they start new projects. In a case of Astro report manage its team is devoted to new and new improvements. recently they’ve introduced a characteristic referred to as analytics for the identification of those capabilities which are used extra with the aid of the users of the app so that they can focus greater on those functions and now not the one this is much less beneficial in the eyes of customers.

Other Features

  • Browse images with Astro file manager
  • Networking support by connecting mobile and computer for easy file sharing
  • File Downloader feature
  • Task Kill feature: You can kill unwanted tasks through this app
  • Multilingual: The app supports many languages like English, Arabic, and Chinese etc

Well enough said this is wonderful that allows its users to organize and search files in a very easy and convenient manner. Try and download this app and enjoy wonderful features of this app.

Astro excells as a file manager. One can Browse files both on the device and the SD card, with an option to toggle between icon and list views. By default ASTRO hides file extension; a habit you may find annoying.

Changing this display option is easy, but the path is somehow unintulitve (Menue, View, Change View, Set directory options, Uncheck hide file extensions, and then click apply).

You can edit file names, copy / paste, select multiple items, create Zip archives ( particularly useful when you need to send many files through mail), extract Zip and Tar file archives and search.

This article is reading about the astro file manager apk. The search functions allow for some advanced parameters, including specific folders, subfolders, file size, older or newer than and exclusion.

There is no separate option to restrict search to specific file types but all the photos of SD card can be found like ‘jpg’ into the search box.

Similarly files can be sorted by names, date, modification, size and type of ascending or descending order. This article is reading about the astro file manager apk.